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We Service Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake & Polk Counties

  • OWNER-OPERATED: Jose Huertas (Owner) performs every cleaning job, so you don't have to worry about underpaid employees rushing through the cleaning of your home. 
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY CLEANING: Our basic cleaning includes deep and detailed quality cleaning, stain removal and deodorizing, restoring your carpet back to looking brand new, or almost brand new, depending on the existing tear and wear.
  • DRIES IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR: In contrast to most carpet cleaners, which leave your carpet soaked for 8 or more hours,  our cleaning dries within 1 hour. You can walk on your carpet right away after we leave your home!
  • COMPETITIVE & HONEST PRICES: Our cleaning is of very high quality, but our prices are very low and reasonable. Being a sole-proprietor, with no overhead expenses, we are able to give the best prices in the Orlando carpet cleaning market and Central Florida as well.
  • RAPID SERVICE RESPONSE: Most of the time we can be at the cleaning site the same day or the next day after you call. During busy seasons we can be there within 1 to 5 days.
  • QUIET & EFFICIENT MACHINES: Unlike most carpet cleaners, which use very loud, noisy and messy machines, ours are quiet and extremely efficient, providing a truly deep cleaning. 
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We will not leave until we have done all we reasonably can to satisfy the cleaning needs of our clients.

"I guarantee my best service at every job!"
Jose Huertas (Owner)


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Our System

Do you want to experience one of the best carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services available on the market today?
If you do, you have come to the right place!

We use the most effective Carpet Cleaning method available:
The Ultra Dry System.

It works to provide a thorough and safe cleaning, removing soil and stainsfrom your carpet and upholstery, leaving them bright, fresh and softwith a refreshing citrus-like aroma.
Ultra Dry cleaning is used in hospitals and health care facilities. It leaves no irritating residues or toxic chemicals. It thoroughly cleans the yarns of the carpet, providing deep cleaning all the way to the backing of your carpet.
Additionally, Ultra Dry Cleaning neutralizes the fibers, leaving no soil-attracting residue behind, which allows your carpet and upholstery to remain clean for a long time!
No, we don't soak up with water your carpet and upholstery, like steam cleaners do... That is awful!
It's not right for you to have to wait for many hours or even days for it to dry.
Steam cleaning methods can even cause mold and mildew to grow, especially with the humidity that we have in Florida!
Do not settle with inferior cleaning systems that leave a residue of detergents which attract and hold soil. Continued use of these inferior systems increase the rate of re-soiling and can cause the soils to reach saturation levels that permanently ruin the appearance of your carpet and upholstery or even cause you to spend more money to replace it. 
Steam cleaning can cause over-wetting, shrinkage, browning and fiber abrasion.             
Not with El Torero Carpet Cleaners
We take our time to do the best possible job:
  • First, if needed, we vacuum the dry soil, like dust, sand, and pet hair. We move furniture if necessary.
  • Second, we pre-treat the carpet or upholstery with the most effective cleaning chemical available: "Ultra Dry", just spraying a light mist. This chemical emulsifies soils in preparation for their removal. 
  • Third,we use a highly absorbent cleaning pad sprayed with a solution called: "Ultra Catalyst" to go over the area.This treated pad is spun on the carpet and/or the upholstery with a buffer machine to absorb the "Ultra Dry" chemical and suspended soils. The two chemicals react as two magnets, removing the soil, neutralizing, and drying the fibers at the same time. We work on each spot and stain to remove them if at all possible. This cleaning system also deodorizes mild odor problems, leaving a pleasant citrus-like fragrance.
  • Fourth, we groom the carpet or upholstery by vacuuming or brushing. Dry cleaning carpet and upholstery is safe, neat and returns them to use in 1-3 hours.

Our basic cleaning includes deodorizing, neutralizing and corrective cleaning, so you don't have to worry about hidden charges for every stain on your carpet, like steam cleaners do!
For those of you who have pets, we work on those stains too, using very effective URINE TREATMENTS.
Do you want to protect your fabrics also? We're also able to treat them with a highly effective STAIN PROTECTANT after the cleaning. 

Locations Served:
El Torero Carpet Cleaners also offers Upholstery, Tile & Grout Cleaning for:
Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake & Polk Counties
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